When one thinks of vacation, usually the thought is approximately exploring beach. But, think about for all those people, that are not too keen of the beach? Well, if you do why don’t you visit Zacatecas, Mexico? Traveling to Zacatecas is a lot like traveling through time, with this city is one from the best well-preserved colonial cities on earth!

As it is common in Cancun, there are actually thatched roofs and plastic chairs ready for tourists to enjoy. After a evening out inside town, I remember comfortably retiring one of such plastic beach chairs as I let my silky skin soak inside the fresh and soothing morning breeze. This is life! In this particular area there’s a small dock which you could walk on and it serves as a bridge in to the waters. In fact, you can even sign up for fishing gear and simply spend time because you wait for a catch through the day. Within a few feet of walking distance one will encounter a rocky area leading with a red and white lighthouse. This lighthouse is beautifully constructed and increases the Caribbean paradise scenery.

Traveling between Easter and Christmas will guarantee you off-season rates at your hotels possibly at any tourist areas you visit. You may need to deal with rain or summer in the summer season, but aside from that, you will be saving yourself the hassle of a great deal of crowds and pricing. Tourist areas will likely be more costly than smaller towns. Tourist areas are often safer until you speak Spanish fairly well and are comfortable finding yourself in abroad.
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When you book your Huatulco vacation, be sure to take advantage of the nearby areas. Huatulco’s luxe beaches and amazing wildlife provide the perfect backdrop in your vacation. With a plethora of tours to pick from, Huatulco helps make the ideal vacation destination. Take benefit of the scenery while touring with a chartered yacht, jet skies, by foot and more!

If you want something a bit more exciting on your beach vacation then head to the small Pacific capital of scotland- Puerto Escondido. Puerto Escondido means the “hidden port” and until you visit inside the peak season it lets you do seem like a concealed town. Puerto Escondido is a great location to opt for surfing; in reality they hold a major international surfing competition in November of every year. It is also perfect for boat rides which you could see plenty of sea turtles, dolphins and in many cases whales. For a quieter Puerto Escondido vacation visit Playa Carrizalillo that is a virtually hidden beach in the city which is a lot better for swimming and perhaps whale watching from the comfort of the beach.

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