In the market today, there are umpteen smartphones but iPhone has surpassed them all due to its improved quality. It has improved features, design and construction. In all its models, iPhone has been designed to be very light and thin.

When you want to use most of the smartphones, you are first required to unlock the phone using a pass- code. This may be time consuming since you access your smartphones dozens of times in a day. IPhone on the other hand has a special identifying feature which saves time than entering a pass- code. You can now unlock your iPhone by use of your fingerprint. This is the safest way of ensuring that your phone is not being accessed by any other individual. This is the touch ID feature that is only in iPhone which enables you to safeguard your phone.

IPhone has got the new A7 chip. This software offers you graphics and CPU performance whose rate of working is twice the old A6 chip. This A7 chip has greatly improved the iPhone models to be the pioneers of 64-bit smartphone globally. This enables the iPhone models to use the iOS 7 firmware. This firmware has been specifically designed to be used by the A7 chip. This is a feature that you rarely find in other smartphones in the market and therefore makes iPhones to be outstanding in the market.

You will notice a great difference if you would use cameras from any other smartphone and when you use the iSight camera from iPhone. The iSight camera from iPhone has larger pixels, larger sensor and larger aperture. All these improved features allow more light so as to obtain great photos. The iSight camera also possesses a continuous burst mode. This feature allows you to take multiple shots of a certain action by capturing 10 photos in one second. This is new to you if you have not thought about purchasing an iPhone. Once you use iPhone to snap a photograph, you will get the one which is of high quality. This has been enhanced by the true tone flash feature in the iSight camera. The flash intensity has been adjusted by the amber LED and the white LED working together intelligently with algorithms software. This is done in order to ensure that your photo is well lit.

These are just but a few features that iPhone’s iSight camera surpasses other smartphones with. Others include auto image stabilization, live video zoom, slow motion video, photo filters, Panorama photos and square photos. All improved iPhone features cannot be exhausted the only thing that you can do is admit that it is the best smartphone in the market. You should purchase it and enjoy all these benefits and features.

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