The bible is indeed considered as the most popular book for several decades. It is considered by many as the word of God and several Christians are taught to live their lives by following this book. Nevertheless, if you ask some Christians how the bible becomes the best thing that ever existed in this world, they would not answer it.

This is the reason why it is indeed important to perform some search and studying of the topic. This book was written by many various authors. People are told that the authors were greatly inspired by the Spirit to write about the things that they should. But above all, it is important to do some research and to gather the answer regarding the question, is the bible true.

There are indeed some facts about it that a lot are not totally aware of. Some can be fully aware of all these facts but ignore them for the sake of tradition. This must not be the case since it is very important as part of the lives of so many people. The main purpose of this thing is not to ruin the bible but to get its real perspective of things.

It will also help you see things as they are and how to apply it to the lives of the people. Questioning about it must not make you nervous if you really know about it. Everything can be right as well if you know that Jesus is the only Lord of your life. You must always look for the truth about it and in doing what must be done.

First point is it did not fall from heaven. Even if it is inspired by God, face the fact about how it was written. It was not being given neatly bound, divided into chapters, books and verses. It did not miraculously come together as a book of great value. It did not happen that way.

The whole thing is a major collection of writing by various people in major places at different times. The writings were greatly chosen from among other works by church leaders. They chose it because they believed that is was inspired by God. Additionally, the idea of breaking everything into small verses seems not a good idea since a lot take it out of context.

It can definitely lose the true meaning of the bible itself and definitely this is not what God wants His people to do. Another point is that Christians take it their life manual. There are certain things that may not be applicable for some. Many believe that it is impossible to apply each chapter in their lives.

The writings are packed together to present the ultimate word of the Savior. God sent the Holy Spirit to guide the apostles in dealing with all the life matters. He did not obviously tell them that He will give or send the books of the bible to teach them all things. It is indeed considered as the main source of information and inspiration.

The only way that people must be led in the living their life is through the spirit of the Lord which is in the hearts and minds of the people. This is also the so called New Covenant. It is important to know where you stand and what you are having.

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