Following on Prime Minister David Cameron’s speech at the Relationships Alliance Summit setting out his agenda to support British families, Resolution has called for the Government to give more consideration to supporting families that break down. 
Solicitors in Romford can help.  The Prime Minister acknowledged in his speech that splitting up may be the right thing to do for some couples in some circumstances, but the speech, which focused mostly on helping families stay together, failed to discuss the support needed for separating couples.
Resolution feels that the Government must pay attention to the support required by families in order to manage breakdowns and separations in a way that allows parents to maintain relationships with their children if possible, and which minimises conflict.
According to Resolution, family legal aid cuts undermined these aims, particularly in situations where one parent’s inability to access legal advice during a separation caused them to lose contact with their children. Overall they feel people do not get crucial support during this transition time.
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1,409 same-sex marriages formed from 29 March until 30 June 2014

According to the first statistics of same-sex marriages published by ONS, 1,409 marriages were formed from 29 March (when they first took place) and the 30th June 2014.

56% of these marriages (796 marriages) were to female couples. 44% (613 marriages) were to male couples.

Women saw an average age at marriage of 37 years, slightly under the 38.6 year average age for men. The majority of persons marrying, male or female, had never previously married or been in a civil partnership (91% of men, 78% of women). The majority of the remainder (9% of men, 20% of women) had their previous marriage or partnership ended by divorce.

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