The American Civil war (1861-65) was fought between the southern states and the Partnership. It lasted 4 years as well as was marked by some sour battles. In India not many will be aware that this year (2011) was this 150th anniversary of this war which during that time changed the face of The us. Popular notion is that this war when Abraham Lincoln has been the President was fought on the issue of slavery. But this is a simple reason and there were deeper reasons that brought about this war. The issues involved were economic independence along with the right to chart a separate course on the union.

The Scenario of this battle

But I will now consider one battle of this civil war which is the battle of Masard Prairie. Prairies as we know are vast grasslands of America which battle fought on 27 July 1864 is important as it was fought from the grasslands of America with the cavalry completely cry. The vast grass fields gave excellent topographical support towards the deployment of cavalry. The cavalry in those days consisted of soldiers with sabers which pressed forward on horses. To know in detail about the scenario of this battle, you must visit


The Animosity

This battle in a different light. It was one of the few confederate victories of the municipal war. Masard prairie is a vast land with many grassy fields on the outskirts of Fort Smith inside Arkansas. Fort Smith is thus a hallowed ground in the us and Americans will remember it included in their military heritage. The significance of this battle from the military point of view is use of cavalry in a decisive charge against the union soldiers.

Build Up

In 1864 all of the construction which we see around was not there and this prairie field stretched for mile after mile and miles. It was virgin grass land and was used as being a grazing ground for their horses from the Union cavalry. One of the causes to use this area while grazing ground was the shortage of fodder in Fort Smith that has been the military encampment of the union force that has been commanded by Brigadier general David Thayer. You can also mail at and know what type of banners were used at that time.


The actual Confederate Attack

Thus on 26 July the stage was set for the Confederate attack. He made his plans a great attack before the run soars. The federal troops should happen to be on guard, but somehow they with misplaced confidence would not take the necessary precautions. If you are interested in purchasing frames for your loved ones then you must customize your options so as to get the suitable frame.

A three-pronged attack was mounted from the confederates under Gano and this Union lines quickly gave method. There was some bitter combating but with Gano himself lading this charge, the fate of this union troops was sealed. A large section of the federal force was hemmed in a small old mansion and has been surrounded. The surrendered and have been made POWS. Some of the troops escaped into your vast prairie field. The confederates endured very light casualties and lost only 33 dead, while this union force suffered heavy casualties.

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